Compliance Management

Design, implementation and certification of compliance management systems

“As with the runway of an aircraft - there is also an area in terms of laws and rules where is no more leeway left.”

This quote of a CEO underlines the significance of the issue compliance for industry, services and trade. Therefore, the existence of compliance management systems is in various respects of existential importance for companies.

Compliance management systems are intended to prevent legal infringements in business-related areas and provide clear responsibilities. For leaders, the current jurisprudence and prosecution of suspected discrimination is not only in the areas of product safety, corruption and cartels a special challenge. 

In addition to the legal regulations, compliance includes the compliance with voluntary commitments, standards, norms, etc. By detecting such schemes the CM system aims to reduce the liability risks of the company and of its executives. 

In the first instance are the large customers and clients, who make their suppliers strict compliance-related regulations. More and more this is included in seminars and training courses on the themes “corruption prevention” and “antitrust law”, which must be documented with supporting evidence. For companies which need to meet these requirements, the OKC offers in-house training with certificates for business partners. Our experienced compliance professionals familiarise you with the most important regulations. The application in daily practice takes centre stage. 

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