Antitrust Damage Calculation

Victims of anti-competitive behaviour are entitled to compensation

In recent years the amount of reports about uncovered cartels has increased. Whether sausage, beer, rail, truck or air freight cartel, no sector seems to be exempted from anti-competitive behaviour. 

As a proven victim of anti-competitive behaviour, companies have both - the right and the duty to examine the damage caused by the cartel and claim against the cartel members.  

Victims are mainly companies that have paid an additional cost for a particular product over the period of the cartel. In order to claim damages, reports are needed to be created. These reports determine the extent of damage on the basis of a temporal, geographic or soberer comparable market. Thus, these reports form the basis for any action for damages and can only be created by competition economists, due to their econometric complexity.

Due to the increasing commercialisation of antitrust law verifiable facts are required for the legal confrontation. Our competition economists draw up economic concepts for antitrust damages and support cartel victims in creating an empirical basis for legal reviews. Therefore, we analyse enterprise data, bring them into the context of our database and collect more relevant primary data for each individual case. 

In addition, we offer companies to be accompanied by our network of skilled lawyers in terms of juristic dispute.